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Sixth Form

As young adults who have freely chosen to pursue their studies to A level, Sixth Form pupils are invited to assume a leadership role within the school, working closely with teachers and fellow pupils in promoting a caring and vibrant learning atmosphere.

We hope that pupils will enjoy their Sixth Form years and avail of the opportunities which the school provides for them to achieve academic excellence, in keeping with their individual aptitudes, and to become more confident, articulate and responsible young adults.

Requirements for Sixth Form

To enter and remain in the Sixth Form, pupils must be able to demonstrate their ability and commitment to pursuing their studies to A level within the supportive environment of the school. Their school record must demonstrate in particular:

• respect for school rules and policies and full cooperation with school staff;

• regular and punctual attendance; overall attendance should be at least 95%;

• serious commitment to study, including independent study, under the guidance of their teachers;

• ability to cope with at least 3 A levels, as demonstrated by their GCSE results which must include at least 4 Grade Bs and 3 Grade Cs, including Grade C in English and Mathematics.

Requirements for Individual Subjects at Sixth Form

To take a subject at AS Level, pupils should have at least Grade B at GCSE in that subject or in a subject which requires similar skills. The GCSE must be the full examination and all papers must be at higher Level.

For A Level Biology, Chemistry or Physics, pupils must have a minimum of a Grade B in both Module 1 and Module 2 of the GCSE Science subject or for pupils who have studied Double Award Science, the requirement is at least a Grade A in each of their Module 1 units and at least a Grade B in each of their Module 2 units.

For Physics, pupils should also have Grade B in Mathematics which includes the M8 paper. It is an advantage to have studied GCSE Further Mathematics.

For Mathematics, pupils should also have a Grade C in Further Mathematics or Grade A in Mathematics which includes the M8 paper. Pupils who have not studied GCSE Further Mathematics in Year 12, must study it in Year 13.

To take a subject at A2 level, pupils should have at least Grade C at AS level in that subject.

To proceed from Lower 6 to Upper 6, pupils should have at least 3 Grade Cs at AS level.


Key Stage 3


Key Stage 4

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Sixth Form

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