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Our History

Rathmore is a school steeped in history. The impressive Convent building today provides the accommodation for the Religious Education, History and Politics departments and the school chapel.

The Convent building has been utilised for many purposes down the years. Originally belonging to the Coates' family, it came into the possession of the Diocese of Down and Connor in 1947 where it was bought by the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Mary and became the site of 'the Convent' and school known today as Rathmore Grammar School.

Our History

History of Rathmore
History of the Convent Building

A visitor to the school today will be most impressed by the state of the art facilities and specialist accommodation that comprises the 'new school' and encompasses the Convent building at the centre of the site. This is an intentional vision that echoes the schools' ambition to embrace the new and innovative opportunities for learning and teaching whilst holding on to our values and traditions that guide and direct our school community.

"We are standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before us...

I am stronger for their courage,
I am wiser for their words
I am lifted by their longing for a fair and brighter future
I am grateful for their vision"


Our Vision

Our Vision

School Pledge

The School Council was established in 2016 to enable the 'pupil voice' to shape the key areas of school life that affect our pupils.


One of the first tasks undertaken by the Student Leadership Team was to articulate a 'School Pledge' of how they viewed our school community and how each member of our school could strive to build up a school environment that is accepting, inclusive and enables each pupil to make a positive impact through their contribution now and in their future.

School Pledge

Faith Development

We are a Catholic school where our pupils are encouraged to participate fully in the Religious Education programme and practice of the faith.


The school endeavours to lead pupils to a deeper, active and more personal faith and to create an atmosphere where Christian qualities find practical expression in everyday life.

We warmly welcome pupils from other faith groups and value the richness and breadth they bring to our school community.

Our whole school response to communities in need locally and abroad has been recognised in the awarding of the Diocese of Down and Connor's 'Spirit of Catholic Education Award' in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Faith in their future

Belief in Education

Faith Development
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