Pastoral System

Pupils meet in tutor groups four times a week at the beginning of the school day and once a week in a general assembly taken by the year head. The pastoral programme for the particular year group is followed during tutor period during which pupils are encouraged to discuss relevant issues under the guidance of their tutor. The period is also used to register pupils, collect absentee notes and relay information.

The tutor is usually the first point of contact with parents. We encourage parents to feel free to contact the tutor or year head if they have any concerns about their child’s welfare or progress in school. Likewise, tutors or year heads will contact parents if they have concerns about the pupils in their care.

Year 10

Year Head - Mr G. Kelly


10(1) Ms C. O'Neill

10(2) Ms A. O'Leary

10(3) Ms M. Wright

10(4) Ms J. Kelly/Ms R. Smyth

10(5) Ms S. McCann

10(6) Mrs A. Lindsay

10(7) Dr N. Browne

10(8) Dr D. Fox

10(9) Mr P. O'Hagan/Mrs C. Shuttleworth