School Council

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School Council


The School Council in Rathmore provides a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and views and have a real say in decisions that affect them.


The School Council provides a representative structure through which students can debate issues of concern and undertake initiatives of benefit to the school and the wider community’.

The School Council allows pupils to develop skills and qualities in leadership roles, involving students in meaningful ways both in and beyond the classroom. It provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents and interests while continuing to develop new skills.


  • Promoting the ethos of the school

  • Representing the views of the student body to the school management

  • Promoting good communication within the school

  • Supporting the educational development and progress of students

  • Contributing to the development of school policy

  • Assisting in the extra-curricular life of the school

  • Assisting in organising fund raising events for charity



Tutor Group

·        1 Member

·        Democratically Elected

·        Members join Year Council

Year Council

·        9 Representatives plus 1 Communication Officer (Years 8-10)

·        8 Representatives plus 1 Communication Officer (Years 11-14)

·        Democratically Elected

·        One member from each year joins School Council

School Council

·        1 Representative from each year plus Communication Officer

·        Members sit for a full year on the School Council 



Monthly Meetings


Pastoral Period

Years 8-11 Lower and Upper Sixth Studies



Year 12: Languages 4

Lower Six: Languages 5

Upper Six: Languages 9



December 2021

The Student Council met with Dr Donnelly, Mrs Lavery, Mr O’Callaghan and Mrs Magee to discuss various issues some of which included homework, activities in PE, continuous assessment, uniform, noticeboard displays, DEAR and the Sixth Form studies.

November 2021


Representatives from all year groups met to discuss the Inclusion Audit, activities which help pupils to focus at the start of a lesson and DEAR (Drop Everything and Read).

June 2020

School Council Newsletter  

May 2020 

Our Student Council has been busy creating a very useful guide on how to manage school work and leisure time at home.

Check it out for lots of tips on how to stay safe and well during this time.

Dec 2019

The Student Council met with Mrs Hamilton, Dr Donnelly and Mrs Magee to discuss various issues some of which included vegetarian options in the canteen, recycling of paper and reduction of plastic in school, homework, assessments, GCSE modules and the DEAR campaign.



June 2019

Students have created a  Child Protection Policy and a document of Frequently Asked Questions. 

May 2019

School Council Newsletter

December 2018

The Junior and Senior Councils met with Mrs Hamilton and the Senior Leadership Team in December 2018 to discuss a wide range of issues including: School and PE uniform, an Eco-Club for juniors, canteen arrangements, girls' sports, pastoral programme, travel by bus, recycling, LLW curriculum, GCSE and A Level subjects and positive mental health. As a result meetings have been set up with staff and pupils to discuss further some of the issues raised by pupils.

June 2018

Students have created a student friendly drug policy to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs. It will be displayed in their Student Planner and on the Pastoral Noticeboard.

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