Politics is a unique subject in that it is constantly changing on a daily basis this is what makes it such an exciting subject to study. Pupils taking Government and Politics typically have an interest in the contemporary world and political events. They want to find out more about how politics works. Politics students will learn how to make independent decisions, offer alternative solutions to problems, work independently, and communicate effectively and to analyse and interpret information and events. Politics affects us every day of our lives from the food we eat, what we can legally do on a night out, how we are educated, our career choices and even what happens when we die.

At AS level students will study the political systems of N. Ireland and the political process in Britain. A2 students study American Politics  and the ideas of political thinkers such as Karl Marx and JS Mill.

There are many opportunities for extracurricular activities including a visit to Parliament Buildings, participation in events organised by the European Commission, QUB and UCB.  Politics students can participate in the Youth Parliament and have the opportunity to apply for a Youth in Government place on an accredited cross community course offering field trips to London, Dublin and Derry. Students have also taken part in a number of live radio and television broadcasts and have represented the voice of  young people in N. Ireland at a number of prestigious events including the opening of the George Mitchell  Institute for Conflict Studies at QUB.


Teaching Staff

Ms L G Stronge