Pastoral Care

Rathmore seeks to foster academic excellence while meeting the individual needs of pupils within a well structured and fully supportive pastoral care system.  All pupils are encouraged to develop their gifts and to become confident, articulate and responsible members of society.


The ethos of the school is Catholic with a strong emphasis on the spiritual and moral formation of pupils.  Pupils are encouraged to mature as fully committed Catholic adults prepared to respect the beliefs and traditions of others and to bring to society the values of the Gospel.


Pastoral care deals with the overall development of the pupil – physically, academically, socially, morally and spiritually.  It requires a caring commitment by all teachers to guide and advise pupils.  It permeates all aspects of school life and contributes to the creation of a supportive atmosphere in the school for both teachers and pupils.

The tutor, with a detailed knowledge of the needs, emotional development, progress and academic attainment of each pupil is at the heart of the pastoral care system and acts as a liaison with Year Heads, Heads of Department, subject teachers and parents.


The Aims of the Pastoral Care System are:

           • to promote the physical, academic, social, moral and spiritual development of all pupils

           • to provide an environment that will enable each pupil to develop self esteem

           • to ensure that each pupil is given the opportunity to fulfil his/her academic potential

           • to provide a caring framework within each year

           • to promote a sence of belonging to the tutor group, the year group and the community

           • to help prepare pupils with educational choice and advise on academic progress

           • to encourage self discipline through guidance and example

           • to encourage regular attendance and punctuality

           • to encourage pupils to make a positive contribution to the wider community

           • to promote positive relationships and effective communication with parents

           • to assist pupils who are experiencing problems.

Key People

Vice Principal (Pastoral Care)

Mrs Ursula Lavery

Designated Child Protection 

Mrs Ursula Lavery

Miss Claire Miskelly (Deputy)

Dr Arthur Donnelly (Deputy)

SENCO and Coordinator of the Learning Support Staff

Miss Claire Miskelly

Mrs Grace McCartney