Key Stage Three

At KS3 pupils study four areas of Maths – Algebra, Number, Shape, Space & Measures and Handling Data. Our aim is that each child fulfils their potential in Maths. We focus on active learning, ensuring all pupils are engaged in class.

Pupils in Year 9 compete in the UK Junior Maths Challenge and we have a Maths Club one lunchtime per week where pupils enjoy a variety of activities. We also have Maths Mentoring where pupils who find Maths difficult get extra support from a teacher and Sixth Form students.


Classes are streamed at the end of Y10 for GCSE. Approximately 90 pupils complete GCSE Maths (Higher Tier), sitting one module in Y11 and one or two in Y12. The remaining 90 pupils complete GCSE Maths at the end of Y11 and continue to study GCSE Further Maths in Y12. Both follow the CCEA specifications:

Extra support is provided from January to June for pupils who find Maths difficult. We provide an afterschool session every Wednesday and arrange individual support as needed.


We offer two A-level s in Maths – Maths and Further Maths. Pupils who choose Maths study Pure and Applied modules covering areas such as Trigonometry, Calculus, Mechanics and Statistics. Pupils who choose Further Maths study these topics at a more advanced level. 

In Y13 pupils complete the UK Senior Maths Challenge and some pupils are selected to represent the school in the UK Maths Team Challenge. 

Many of our Y13 and Y14 pupils act as Maths Mentors to younger pupils.

Maths Department

Teaching Staff

Miss G Scullion (HOD), Mrs A Aldworth (Assistant to HOD)

Mrs P Murphy, Mrs P McKenna, Ms B Willis, Mr C McDonald, Mrs L Thomas, Dr C Grills, Mr N McIlvenny, Mrs M Nancarrow, Miss C Cullen, Miss O Gallagher