Key Stage Three

In KS3 we encourage our pupils to embrace language learning as a means of communication and self-expression.

We endeavour to create active and interactive learning activities that allow pupils to experience the language in its natural state.

We seek to foster an appreciation of the rich heritage of Irish by introducing pupils to its many art forms, through a variety of extracurricular events.

Gaeltacht and Irish language courses.

Club na Gaeltachta

Seachtain na Gaeilge

European Day of Languages

Scholarship programmes

Gael Linn school quiz

Public Speaking

Fáinne scheme

Afterschool Irish conversation and reading circle


Students build on their knowledge and understanding, and further develop their skillset from KS3 by studying the following three Contexts for Learning:


  • Context         1:            Identity, Lifestyle and Culture.

  • Context         2:            Local, National, International & Global Areas of Interest.

  • Context         3:            School Life, Studies and the World of Work.


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Students having successfully completed GCSE students continue to develop the four key skills at AS and A2 by exploring the areas of interest in the following four themes:


• Relationships (AS)

• Culture and Lifestyle (AS)

• Young People in Society (A2)
• Our Place in a Changing World (A2)


Pupils will become highly proficient linguists and develop an understanding and ability to allow them to achieve a high level of fluency in Irish on completion of their A2 course.


For further details of the GCE course, visit:

Irish Department

Teaching Staff

Mr Paul McGlone (HoD)

Miss Caroline Cullen

Miss Dearbhlá Madden (language assistant)