General Information

Chairperson of the Board of Governors: Mr John Morrissey


Principal: Dr Arthur Donnelly


Number of Pupils:

Enrolment Number: 1260;

Admissions Number: 180 



Excellent communication channels exist between home and school. Parents are encouraged to contact the school should they have any concerns. We communicate through letter, text, regular statements of results and full reports. Parent/Teacher meetings are held annually for each Year Group to give parents the opportunity to discuss the educational progress of their children.


School policies and the Governors’ Annual Report to Parents are on the website. Hard copies are available on request from the Principal. 

School Terms (Provisional)


Autumn: 25 August - 22 December

Spring: 6 January - 13 April

Summer: 25 April - 30 June

Mid Term: 25 October – 29 October

Mid Term: 14 February - 18 February

St Patrick’s Day: 17 March

Holiday: 18th March



Note 1: School Development Days are not included in the above dates. They are communicated to parents before the beginning of each school year.


Note 2: Although the information contained in this prospectus in relation to the year 2021/22 is correct at the time of publication it should not be assumed that there will be no change affecting such information before the start of or during the year 2021/22 or in relation to subsequent school years.