Key Stage Three

Students have 3 lessons per week in Geography at KS 3. The scheme includes an equal mix of interesting Physical and Human topics.  In Year 8 pupils study: What is Geography, Geography of the World, Geographical Skills & Techniques, World Issues, Weather & Climate and Economic Activity. In Year 9 they study: Settlement, Weathering,Rivers & Coasts, Geography of Ireland, Rocks & Landscape and Environmental Issues. In Year 10 students study: Plate Tectonics, Population, Global Biomes, Geography of Europe and Economic Development.

As well as learning in the classroom, students also have regular opportunities to use ICT. There is a weekly GEO club in school at lunchtimes open to all Key Stage 3 students where they can do fun geography-related activities.


Students that choose Geography for GCSE have 5 lessons per week. The school follows the CCEA GCSE Specification. It is divided into 3 units: Unit 1 Understanding Our Natural  World, Unit 2 Living in Our World and Unit 3 Fieldwork. Unit 1 has 4 themes: River Environments, Coastal Environments, Changing Weather & Climate and The Restless Earth. Unit 2 has 4 themes: Population & Migration, Changing Urban Areas, Contrasts in World Development and Managing Our Environment.

There are various extra-curricular activities available to GCSE students. They have regular opportunities to use ICT including the study of Geographical Information Systems. Students also partake in activities outside the classroom such as a bus trip of Belfast and the Worldwise Geography Quiz. The main field trip at GCSE is a river study at Magilligan Field Centre, Derry where pupils stay for one night in June of Year 11.


The school follows the CCEA A-Level course. Geography is a popular and interesting option for pupils. The AS course is 40% of the A-Level and has 3 units: AS 1 Physical Geography, AS2 Human Geography and AS3 Fieldwork and Skills. The course includes topics such as Rivers, Ecosystems, Weather & Climate, Population, Settlement and Development. The A2 course is 60% and has 3 units: A2 1 Physical Geography, A2 2 Human Geography and A2 3 Decision Making. Topics at A2 include Plate Tectonics, Coasts, Cultural Geography and Ethnic Diversity.

Opportunities for learning outside the classroom at A-Level include the Autumn series of lectures at Queens and various day trip events and competitions. The main field trip in Year 13 is a beach study undertaken during a one night residential at Magilligan Field Centre, Derry and the field trip in Year 14 is a tourism investigation in Newcastle, County Down.

Geography Department

Teaching Staff

Mr Eamonn Wilson(HOD)

Mrs Helen Wright

Mrs Grace McCartney

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