Key Stage Three

At Key Stage 3 we strive to make our pupils’ language learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

From the very early stages of their French studies, our pupils develop a sense of achievement and growth, as we equip them with the necessary skills to communicate confidently in both oral and written French.

Through carefully chosen programmes of study and a wide variety of activities both in and outside the classroom, we foster in our pupils an appreciation of the many different facets of French culture, the country and its people.  

Year 8 French Club

French Assistant’s visits to KS3 classes

Residential visits to Language and Activity School in Donegal

Regular school trips (Family based) to France


European Day of Languages


Students build on their knowledge and understanding, and further develop their skillset from KS3 by studying the following three Contexts for Learning:


  • Context         1:            Identity, Lifestyle and Culture.

  • Context         2:            Local, National, International & Global Areas of Interest.

  • Context         3:            School Life, Studies and the World of Work.


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At AS/A2 level our students continue to develop the four key skills by exploring the areas of interest in the following themes:


• Relationships (AS)

• Culture and Lifestyle (AS)

• Young People in Society (A2)
• Our Place in a Changing World (A2)


Pupils will become highly proficient linguists and develop an understanding and ability to allow them to achieve a high level of fluency in French on completion of their A2 course. Our A Level students have the opportunity to participate in interschool debating competitions and workshops. 


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French Department

Teaching Staff

Mrs C McCaffrey HoD

Ms H Vieussens

Ms S McMullan

Ms S McCann

Mrs L Leonard

Ms H McClements

Mlle Maryannick Drapier (French language assistant)