Examination Results Information

Examination Results 2017

A2 and AS examination results will be issued by post and will arrive with pupils on Thursday 17th August.

GCSE examination (Yr 12 and Yr 11) results will be issued by post and will arrive with pupils on Thursday 24th August.

Please ensure that if you have had a change of address the school is notified and our records are updated. If you are concerned about the delivery of these results, please make necessary arrangements with your local post office. Unfortunately examination results cannot be given out over the phone.

NB All Year 12 pupils who are hoping to proceed into Year 13 will have interviews starting  on Thursday 24th August. All pupils should be available with their parents for these interviews. You should already have received the time of your interview.

Important Dates

24th August                    Deadline for Priority Re-Marks (A2 Candidates only)

                                         Photocopy of Script (AS and A2 Candidates only)

31st August                      Photocopy of a script  (only available for GCSE English Language & 


21st September              Deadline for Enquiry about Results

28th September             Deadline for requesting Return of Original Script

All Enquiries about Results need to be completed through the Examinations Office and are payable by cash or cheque only.


Explanation of services available:

Priority Remarks:

·       This service is only available to A2 students;

·       If your mark does not meet the requirements for your university course, you should contact the school immediately. Mr. Collins and the Careers Team will be available to offer advice;

·       The Priority Re-Mark Service offers you a quicker re-mark because your university place is pending, but the speed at which your paper will be re-marked depends on the demand by pupils. The sooner you apply, the sooner the re-marking process can begin ;

·       If your university place depends on the outcome of your re-mark, you should also contact your chosen university to inform them that you have applied for a priority re-mark and are waiting for the result;

·       Remember, though, that your marks can go up or down. You cannot choose to go back to your original mark;

·       Your re-mark will include a clerical check to ensure that all your marks have been added up correctly.

Priority Copy of Scripts

·       This is a photocopy of your marked examination paper and includes the mark scheme that was used; 

·       This can help you to decide whether to request a re-mark;

·       Do not apply for this service if your university place is pending ;

·       It is advisable to ask your subject teacher to take a look at your photocopied examination paper if you are thinking about a re-mark.

Enquiry about Result:

·       This is a request for a re-mark of your examination script. It is usually processed by units, i.e. you will have to apply and pay for separate units to be re-marked;

·       You are strongly advised to seek the advice of your subject teacher (consider first applying for a photocopy of your script) before requesting a re-mark;

·       The check includes a clerical check to ensure that all your marks have been added up correctly;

·       A second examiner will review the paper again to identify genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking;

·       Remember that your marks can go up or down and you cannot choose to go back to your original mark;

·       It is often the case that the second examiner will see the marks and comments made by the first examiner- they rarely get a fresh photocopy of your script;

·       You cannot apply for a re-mark if you have requested the original copy of your script.




Return of script

·       This is a request for your original examination script;

·       Remember that you cannot request a re-mark after you have applied for the return of your original script;

·       Getting your original script can help you review the mistakes you made and guide you on the steps you can take to improve your performance in your next set of exams.