Examinations Information

External Examinations

Public examinations can be a stressful time for both students and parents alike. It is therefore important that you prepare well in advance of your examinations and that you are fully aware of the examination regulations. Examination timetables and an explanation of the JCQ regulations have been provided to help you to prepare.

We are here to assist all candidates and to ensure that all examinations are as stress free as possible. If you have any problems or concerns please contact a member of the Examination Team: Mrs Lavery, Mrs McCambridge or Mrs Thomas.  

Summer 2017


Examination timetables for Summer 2017 can be accessed using the following links:


  • AQA: (Theatre Studies)

  • Edexcel: (Physical Education and Technology)

  • OCR: (Home Economics and Media Studies)

  • WJEC: (Computer Science and Technology)

  • CCEA: (all other subjects)


  • OCR: (Home Economics and Media Studies)

  • WJEC: (Computing, Physical Education, Sociology and Theatre Studies)

  • CCEA: (all other subjects)



  • Edexcel: (Physical Education and Technology)

  • OCR: (Computing and Home Economics)

  • CCEA: (all other subjects)


You should already have received your individual timetable for the examinations. Please place the timetable in a safe place at home. Make a careful note of the examination times.


Exam Times

Examinations start at 9.15am for morning papers and at 1.30pm for afternoon papers. Your individual examination timetable will confirm these start times. You must give yourself at least 15 minutes before an examination to check the Examination Noticeboard to find your Examination Centre.

If you are ill you MUST contact the School immediately and ask the receptionist to take a written message for Mrs Thomas, Mrs Lavery or Mrs McCambridge.


Clash Exams

If you have a clash between papers, arrangements will be made for you to take these examinations at an alternative time and you must be supervised between these examinations. If you need to be supervised over lunch, you must bring a packed lunch as you will not be allowed to leave the examination centre. If you have a clash in your examinations, you will receive information in a letter before your exams start. This will indicate the alternative arrangements. Please speak to Mrs McCambridge if you have a clash but have not received a letter by the time you go on study-leave.

When you are under supervision you will not be allowed to communicate with anyone else or use your mobile phone (or any other electronic communication device).


Statement of Entry

Please check your Statement of Entry carefully. It is very important that you have been entered for the correct examinations and that you understand and agree to all the papers for which you have been entered. You must also check your personal details that are printed on the Statement of Entry. Mistakes that are not spotted at this stage could mean that your certificate is incorrectly printed later. Check that the following details are correct:

  • your name and spelling of name

  • your date of birth

  • all your examinations are listed and all levels are correct


Please ensure that you bring all the equipment you need: non-gel pens (black ink only), pencils, eraser, ruler and a sharpener in a clear pencil case or poly-pocket. Tippex and highlighters are not allowed in any exam. Calculators are allowed in all examinations unless it specifically states that they are not permitted. Covers must be removed from all calculators.

Food and Drink

No food or drink is allowed in the examination room except for a small bottle of water. The label must be removed.


Mobile Phones, Digital Watches and other Electronic Devices

Mobile phones, Digital Watches and all other electronic communication or storage devices are NOT allowed in the Examination Centre. You are strongly advised not to bring any such devices into school with you on the day when you have an exam. If a mobile phone or any other electronic communication device is found in your possession during an exam or clash supervision the device will be taken from you. This applies even if the device was switched off. A report will be made to the appropriate Examination Board. No exceptions will be made. You may be disqualified from that component or from the entire subject.



Bags are not permitted in the Examination Centre or in the area around the Examination Centre. Bags should be left in your designated area well in advance of the start of the exam.


Conduct in the Exam Room

Wait quietly outside your Examination Centre until the invigilator allows you to enter. A candidate card will be placed on the desk at which you will be sitting, showing your name and candidate number. Once inside the room, you must remain SILENT. You should not talk until the examination is over and you are outside the Examination Centre. Please be considerate of other students who may still be sitting exams in the nearby area once you leave an Examination Centre.  

Access Arrangements

Some candidates are entitled to special arrangements for their examinations. You should confirm that you are eligible for these arrangements with Mrs Lavery or Mrs Thomas.

Unfortunately sometimes the unexpected may happen; illness, a broken limb or other circumstance which could affect your performance in an examination. If this occurs you should speak to Mrs Lavery or Mrs Thomas as soon as possible.


During an Examination

If any problems occur during an exam it is essential that you report it to an invigilator before the end of the exam. If you feel unwell or need to use the bathroom, you should raise your hand and wait in your seat until an invigilator comes to assist you.

Examination Regulations

All Examination Awarding Bodies set strict criteria which must be followed for the conduct of all examinations. Candidates should make themselves aware of these regulations.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) issues the following guidance:

candidates must read these notices carefully and note that breaking any of these regulations could lead to disqualification from all subjects.

Examination Results

A2 and AS examination results will be issued by post and will arrive with pupils on Thursday 17th August.

GCSE examination (Yr 12 and Yr 11) results will be issued by post and will arrive with pupils on Thursday 24th August.

Please ensure that if you have had a change of address the school is notified and our records are updated. If you are concerned about the delivery of these results please make necessary arrangements with your local post office. Unfortunately examination results cannot be given out over the phone.

NB All Year 12 pupils who are hoping to proceed into Year 13 will have interviews on Friday 25th August. All pupils should be available with their parents for these interviews. You will be given the time of your interview at a later date.


The Examination Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck in the upcoming exams!