Business Studies


In the Business Studies Department we aim to encourage students, in line with the new GCSE Specification, to develop a lifelong interest and enjoyment of business and to gain a holistic understanding of the world of business and the international marketplace. We achieve this aim by innovatively delivering the specification in tandem with enriching extra -curricular experiences in the real world of business. Participation in the Student Investor Challenge and Stock Market Challenge and Site visits to Coca Cola Hellenic and Tayto provides the real business insight.

GCSE Business Studies introduces students to the fundamentals of starting a business. They

examine why businesses start and the resources required to maintain and grow

them. Students explore business aims and the impact that various stakeholder

groups may have on businesses. Students explore marketing options and consider

the impact of e-business on potential growth strategies. They also consider why

businesses conform to quality assurance standards and health and safety legislation.

Students also examine recruitment and selection practices and analyse the

importance of a business having motivated and well-trained employees. They

identify the signs of business success and failure and evaluate the different ways in

which businesses grow. Students learn about business finance. They examine the

sources of finance and complete basic cash flow forecasts as well as interpret simple

financial statements. When analysing business performance, students consider

concepts such as ratio analysis and break-even.

Finally, in the synoptic unit, students apply knowledge and understanding drawn from

across the whole specification to a real business context. Students carry out research

and apply it, together with their own knowledge, to a range of circumstances. They

examine and evaluate specified areas of a business plan and make reasoned

recommendations - this unit is assessed by controlled assessment.


AS Business Studies introduces students to the business world and begins, as many businesses do, with the entrepreneur and what motivates individuals to develop business

enterprises. Students become familiar with different business ownership structures

and the key stakeholder groups that may have an interest in how a business is

managed. Students acquire a critical understanding of the importance of quality and its

significance in the competitive marketplace, including recruiting and training a

quality labour force and the production process. Students also see the

impact of management and leadership styles on employee motivation and business

operations. They explore the role of technology in growing a business and how it helps with decision making and the impact of competition on a business. Finally, students develop a critical understanding of the marketing process, marketing strategy and the use of e-business and develop an appreciation of the role of accounting and financial information in business decision making and financial control.

Business Studies Department

Teaching Staff

Ms Catherine O’Reilly (HoD)

Mr Mark Higgins