Key Stage Three

Year 8 students have four 35 minute periods of Science each week, taught by one teacher and the Year 9 students have five 35 minute periods of Science each week, also taught by one teacher. The Physics units taught in Year 8 and 9 are Energy, Earth and Space, Heat, Light and Sound.  The pupils enjoy a wide variety of fun and engaging experiments. The pupils also have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities such as the STEM Club for Year 8 pupils, Science Club and Forensic Science Day in Year 10.


All the students in Years 11 and 12 who study Double Award Science are prepared in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to gain an award worth 2 GCSE grades. There is also the option to study Physics as a stand alone GCSE. In Double Award Science pupils will study two units in each Science but in Physics GCSE pupils will study only two units. All exams are completed at the end of Year 12. The topics studied at GCSE include Forces and Motion, Energy, Radioactivity, Electricity, Light and Sound, The Earth and Universe.

Pupils also attend Physics events at local universities such as Horizons in Physics and other interesting talks such as the talk given by an astronaut in the Ulster Museum.  


AS and A-Level Physics builds upon the knowledge, understanding and skills developed within GCSE Physics or GCSE Double Award Science. The course consists of three modules in AS and three modules in A2. In both AS and A2 students will do two theory based modules and one practical module. The topics that pupils study are Forces, Energy, Electricity, Waves, Photons, Astronomy, Deformation of Solids, Thermal Physics, Circular Motion, Oscillations, Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

The pupils are given the opportunity to attend talks provided by QUB such as the John Bell Day talk on Quantum Computers, take part in work experience within the Physics Department at QUB, take part in Civilisation Belfast, a Civil Engineering event. QUB students have also come up to our school to give a series of demonstrations in Medical Physics.

Biology Department

Teaching Staff

Dr Arthur Donnelly 

Ms Anne O’Leary 

Mrs Helen Quinn 

Mr Kieran Doherty 

Mrs Elizabeth Pérez

Mr Bill Boroughs (Technician)